Constructing or renovating an institutional building can be complex, expensive and a time consuming undertaking. By including an Architect in the early planning stages, he/she can guide the entire design and construction process successfully by defining the building needs and in the end, get the most for your construction dollar.

From site selection to move-in, Architects can act as project leaders. They can manage and coordinate key project elements and engineering, while the client can focus on organizating ongoing activities. Architects look for ways to make the project cost effective and propose ways to get even more for the investment than you imagined possible.

As well, institutional buildings designed for maximum energy efficiency can reduce bills now and down the road, while an efficient use of space can result in reducing the total amount of square footage required.
Members of the Association have expertise to bring to all your institutional projects including

Health Care
» Hospitals
» Seniors housing
» Special care units
» Health care professional centres

» Schools
» Laboratories
» Research facilities
» Colleges / Universities

» Recreational Facilities
» Religious Facilities
» Government Facilities
» Museums
Additionally, because institutional buildings are public spaces, it is important to note that the Architects Act of Prince Edward Island requires they be designed by an Architect.