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Foreign Trained Architects

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Continuing Education

Leave of Abence Policy

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Foreign Trained Architects

Resources & Information

Continuing Education

Leave of Abence Policy


Within the Architects’ Association of PEI there are numerous categories of membership.

Registered Members

Member architects located in Prince Edward Island.

Reciprocal Members

Member architects from jurisdictions outside Prince Edward Island.

Certificate of Practice Holders

Registration as an architect does not entitle an architect to practice. A separate Certificate of Practice must be granted. Application for a Certificate of Practice includes requiring licensure for all principals/partners who practice architecture with application for license for each, as well as proof of  liability insurance. AAPEI maintains records of all current Certificate of Practice holders.

Intern Member

An individual that is not entitled to practice architecture but who is in training in an assistant’s role to become an architect, who wishes to remain involved with his/her profession, and who is interested in supporting the profession and its aims, objectives, and activities.


There are also two categories of licenses, temporary and special.

•    Temporary licenses are for a specific project and the architect must associate with a local firm.  An architect with a temporary license will not have an AAPEI stamp.  If you are planning on stamping drawings you will require a reciprocal membership.

•    Special licenses are for an architect who is not practicing architecture on Prince Edward Island, but who may be giving a course at the university, or doing some other type of work in which he/she is still calling him/herself an Architect but is not practicing architecture.

Retired Members

Individuals who have ceased the practice of architecture while Registered/Reciprocal members in good standing.  Membership is automatic upon retirement from active practice.

Honorary Members

Individuals who have rendered the profession special and valuable service or who have practised with distinction any of the arts crafts allied to architecture.  For more information, contact AAPEI.

Student Member

An individual enrolled as a member who is studying architecture at an accredited university and has not yet graduated.


This section offers member resources including information about the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, government resources, various associations, and other links of interest.

Canadian Architectural Certification Board

Information on Certification, with additional links to the BEFA (Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects) program is on the CACB website.

The CACB held a successful conference on September 26-27, 2014 in Saint-Sauveur, Québec under the Theme: “Educating Future Architects” with the objective of conducting a deep and a rigorous review on how architectural education is adapting and anticipating changes in the discipline and in the profession. Please see the link below for details of the conference.

Canadian Architectural Licencing Authority A newly designed website highlighting all the work of the Regulators and Administrators as it relates to international trade agreements, intern programs, the CExAC (Canadian Examination in Architecture) and more.


All licensed architects are required to fulfill Continuing Education requirements on a two-year cycle.

Changes have been made to the past two Continuing Education reporting periods as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The current cycle runs from October 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2024 (21 months). After this reporting period AAPEI will be back on its 2-year cycle which will run from July 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2026.

At this time we remind members that sessions qualify for STRUCTURED learning hours if they fall into the following approved learning categories:


1. National Building Code
2. Heritage Buildings/Restoration
3. LEED Workshops and Accreditations
4. Practice Management
5. Project Management
6. Risk Management
7. Starting Your Own Practice
8. Sustainable Design/Green Architecture
9. Architectural Culture


Follow the below link to download
a PDF of our leave of absence policy.