Engaging an Architect

archimgAn architect is a professional who is both highly trained and  experienced in the design of buildings.

An architect can design:
•    new buildings,
•    extensions or revisions to existing buildings, and
•    restorations to aged properties, while preserving its heritage.

Architects are skilled on commercial or residential projects, and also work closely with municipalities to ensure communities and cities are designed with safety and perspective in mind.

Why use an architect?
There are many reasons to employ an architect for your design project. In some cases, the law requires that architects develop designs for the building. This is to ensure buildings are designed with safety in mind for those who use them.

In other cases, individuals will contract an architect to assist in the design of commercial or residential properties. Doing so provides many benefits to the client, including:
•    A project that meets both their short and long terms plans, because architects are strategic thinkers.
•    An experience that is customized to the needs of the clients, because architects recognize that each project is different from the next.
•    Peace of mind because an architect understands and can manage the complex regulatory building process including zoning bylaws and building codes.
•    Money saved by keeping projects on schedule and providing quality work done right the first time.
•    A responsible structure that addresses cultural, environmental and sustainable elements.

How to choose an architect

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada provides a detailed resource on how to choose an architect for a specific project.  Click here for a detailed resource including the Qualifications-Based Selectionarchimg process.

Find an architect
If you’re looking to hire or consult with an architect you are in the right place. Click here to see a list of our members, all registered to work on projects in Prince Edward Island.